Films Wanted for Indian Holocaust Film Series

Dr. Navras Jaat Aafreedi sent out a request for videos for an Indian Holocaust film series inLucknow, India. He wants to show the movies at various educational institutions. Please contact him before sending any movies.

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Dear Friend,
I plan to organize a Series of Holocaust Film Screenings in Lucknow, India, at universities, colleges and other educational institutions here.  The objective is to make the Indians aware of the great tragedy and to fight the Holocaust denial, common among Muslims here. I already have in my possession three documentary films (thanks to the munificence of Yad Vashem, Jerusalem), viz.:
  • Outcast: Jewish Persecution in Nazi Germany 1933-1938,
  • She Was there and She Told Me: The Story of Hannah Bar Yesha, and
  • May Your Memory Be Love: The Story of Ovadia Baruch
If you could donate documentaries or/and feature-films on the Holocaust it would be a great mitzvah, for which I would be most grateful. I would be glad to acknowledge the contribution on my blog and at every forum available to me. I would request you to kindly send the DVDs by courier or registered post only, at the following address:
Dr. Navras Jaat Aafreedi,
“Manju Nishaan”,
B-129, Rajeev Nagar,
Kanchan Bihari Marg,
Lucknow – 226 022,
Uttar Pradesh,
Mobile: +91-9936425234
Land Line: +91-522-2751413
Email: aafreedi {at} gmail <dot>com