Announcing TWO Kulanu speaking tours!

Kulanu is offering TWO speaking tours for the coming year — JJ Keki from Mbale, Uganda, and Shi Lei of Kaifeng, China! (Please share this with decision-makers at your organization and pass it along to friends.)

JJ Keki, by Lorne Mallin 2009JJ Keki returns for another fall tour from October 8 to November 9, 2010. As a leader of the Abayudaya Jewish community of Uganda, founder of an interfaith coffee coop, and a Grammy-nominated musician, Keki’s engagements have been in high demand. Kulanu is delighted to have him back in North America to present updates on his unique community and the joint Kulanu-Abayudaya sustainable development and education projects.
Click here for more about the Kulanu-Abayudaya 2010 speaking tour!

(Thanks to Lorne Mallin for this photo of JJ Keki.)

Shi Lei’s 2010 Kaifeng speaking tour has also received rave reviews, and Shi Lei has agreed to return next year for three weeks only, from February 15th through March 7th, 2011, to share the history of the fascinating Jewish community of Kaifeng. A professional tour guide in China, Shi Lei has also studied Hebrew and Jewish studies for three years in Israel, and he is an experienced lecturer. Shi Lei will discuss what Jewish traditions were lost in Kaifeng and what was preserved through the centuries, and what some young Chinese Jews are doing to re-connect to their roots now.
Click here for more about the Kulanu-Kaifeng 2011 speaking tour!
(Thanks to the Sino-Judaic Institute for this photo of Shi Lei.)

While each tour will be different, here are the basic expectations of event hosts for either speaker:

* An honorarium of $1,200 plus a travel expense contribution of $250, for a total of $1,450 per event. You are welcome to seek co-sponsors to share your event. (Save $200 by booking a date and paying a $250 deposit by June 30th, 2010!)
* A primary contact to be responsible for the event and for the speaker(s) while he is in your city.
* Accommodations, meals, and local transportation for the speaker (home hospitality is preferred).
* Event set-up requirements (eg, computer and projector) are detailed in the online Event Planning Kits, which will be released soon.

If you are interested in hosting JJ Keki, Shi Lei, or both, please fill out and submit the respective contact forms below.
To invite JJ Keki of the Abayudaya to your community, click here.
To invite Shi Lei of Kaifeng, China to your community, click here.

Thank you for your interest in connecting North American audiences with diverse Jews from across the globe, and for helping Kulanu support isolated and emerging Jewish communities worldwide!

For more information:

* about Kulanu, visit
* about the Abayudaya of Uganda, go to
* about the Jews of China, check out