Meet the Children of the Adat Israel community

“Who likes this new play space for your activities?” asked one of the teachers. “I do! We do!” shouted the children from Asociación Judía Reformista de Guatemala, Adat Israel.

The children in Guatemala City have been working and playing hard this year thanks to their new play space for the Adat Israel community.

In 2018, Kulanu contributed the funds to build the play space as well as the necessary supplies to create an inviting environment for the young children to play and be creative. The list included painting materials, color pencils, brushes and additional art supplies.

In the new play space, their teachers teach about Judaism and often incorporate activities to allow for hands on learning. Most recently, the children made their own Chanukiahs for Hanukkah.

“This is how we introduce our kids to Judaism, increasing their enthusiasm about it. Most of them are surrounded by other Christian relatives and we must win space in their hearts,” explained Jeannette, the president of the Adat Israel community.<

“We are very grateful to Kulanu and bar mitzvah student Jonathan Popper for their contribution. We know our kids will continue growing in Judaic knowledge and will follow our traditions.”