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There are two communities in Colombia, Barranquila and Santa Marta, that are lucky to have Rabbi Juan Mejia as their Rabbi at a distance. For years he has taught them and helped them grow, and finally converted them through the Conservative movement. These two communities are very dedicated egalitarian communities with full women participation and that welcome visitors for Shabbat and Jewish holidays. Various Hillel Alternative Spring Breaks have worked to create ties between these communities and the American Jewish community.

In 2014, Kulanu established a relationship with a “new” Jewish community in Santa Marta, called Javura Shirat Hayyam, and provided funds to help them equip a Hebrew School classroom through our Mini-Grant Program.

Click here to see some photos of the Santa Marta community by Kulanu Board member and regional coordinator Daneel Schaechter, who visited in December 2014, bringing with him supplies for the new Hebrew School classroom.

Both the Javura Shirat Hayyam community in Santa Marta, and another emerging Conservative community in Barranquilla, are currently welcoming volunteer teachers – see our Overseas Volunteer Opportunities page for more information.

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