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A relatively “new” community, Beth Yeshourun was founded in 1998 when its leaders turned away from Christianity. Increasingly observant and deeply committed to Jewish rituals and practice, the community has made amazing progress, educating themselves through the Internet by downloading Jewish liturgies and prayers, and studying Judaism, Hebrew, and Torah on Jewish websites.

Making challah
Making challah

Isolated from mainstream Jewry, the community had its first visitors when Rabbi Bonita Sussman, a Kulanu board member, and her husband Rabbi Gerald Sussman went to Cameroon during the summer of 2010. These emissaries from Kulanu were welcomed warmly. Their reports reflect astonishment at the level of Jewish knowledge and practice they observed during their ten-day visit. You can read about the Sussmans’ visit in their article, below.

Kulanu has assisted the community in an agricultural project and in Jewish education. We helped Amir (Serge) Etele go to rabbinical school at the Ohr Torah Stone Yeshiva in Efrat, Israel, where he is a candidate for rabbinic ordination, studying part of the time in Israel, and part-time doing distance learning from Cameroon.

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