Overseas Volunteers and Visitors

Kulanu Volunteer

Overseas Volunteers

How to get started: We welcome applicants who want to volunteer in overseas communities that Kulanu works with. Volunteers go as independent travelers, but Kulanu helps facilitate your planning and placement, stays in touch while you are overseas, and encourages you to report back and share photos and videos, so we can build on your accomplishments and observations. We recommend that you start by exploring our community pages to get a sense of where in the world you would like to travel.

Costs: We expect volunteers to cover the complete costs of their trip out of pocket – Kulanu does not fund overseas trips. The cost of a trip varies depending on factors including length of stay, community of choice, and accommodation type. We can help you create a personal fundraising page to help support the community you are visiting and the work you are doing there.

How to apply: To start planning your trip, please complete our overseas volunteer application form and email it to volunteers at kulanu.org with your resume (or LinkedIn page) and a cover letter.

Independent Visits

Kulanu’s regional coordinators and local community liaisons are available to help you plan a visit to most of the communities we work with. To get started, just click on “contact” in our menu, and choose to contact the regional coordinator for the community you wish to visit. If the community isn’t listed, choose “Kulanu Office.”

Organized Tours

You might also be interested in pre-organized educational tourist packages. Previous trips have taken Kulanu supporters to Uganda and Ethiopia.  Click here for details on upcoming tours that might be of interest.

Sharing Photos and Videos with Kulanu

If you have taken photos or videos in a community Kulanu works with or at a Kulanu event, we’d love for you to share them with us.

For photos, please send us a message telling us about the photos you’d like to share using the Contact Kulanu Form.  We will then create a folder for you so you can upload the pictures into SmugMug.  You can visit https://kulanu.smugmug.com/ to view our current photos.

Please include your name and the date/location the photos were taken when uploading photos. We will assume that you have permission for us to share these publicly unless you tell us not to publish them. Please provide proper photo credit for us to publish. We much prefer high-resolution photos so that we can print them. Thanks so much!

For videos, please post them on YouTube and send the link to us using the Contact Kulanu Form. Be sure to set it so that we can download the videos.

We will then add your photos and videos to our archives. We draw on these archives to select appropriate photos for our web site, magazine, emails, blog and Facebook page.

Thanks so much!