The Philippines and Zimbabwe Communities Receive Haggadot

Just in time for Passover (and before the impact of COVID-19), Kulanu was able to arrange for a package to be delivered by a volunteer to the Philippines which contained 20 matching Haggadot, books used for the Passover Seder service, as well as 15 Chumashim, which are printed books of the Torah text. The community is pleased to have these quality materials to enhance their Jewish learning and practice.

In Zimbabwe, Kulanu funded the printing of over 200 Haggadot. This will ensure that each family is able to have their own Haggadah to celebrate Passover in their home this year. You may recall that last year we helped the community publish 500 copies of a uniquely African Haggadah in Hebrew, English, and Shona (the local language), which included Lemba stories and content.