Music From Africa and Asia

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Irene Orleansky, a famed world musician from Israel, spent two years traveling to Kulanu communities to perform with them and record their songs. Last December, she released ten songs performed by nine Jewish communities in Africa and Asia.

Check out Irene’s CD, Music of Israelites and Jews of Africa and Asia, and purchase it from her web site, (click here for CD info and ordering); it’s also available for download from CDBaby ( The booklet that accompanies the CD is filled with photos from the two-year international journey.

Irene also made a great video of the Abayudaya community while recording their track for the CD. Click here to watch “Shalom, Mirembe” on YouTube.

Happy listening!

You may also be interested in watching the five-minute trailer for Irene’s latest project, “Balla Ejj: the Hidden Jews of Ethiopia” – a documentary about the Jewish descendants still living in Ethiopia. Kulanu just contributed $1,500 to support the film’s production. Click here to read more about the project and to contribute to the film’s fundraiser!