Kulanu Across the Globe Materials

We’ve collected materials from around the globe to make your event(s) more meaningful.  Please take a look at the videos, photos, slideshow, D’var Torah, readings, recipes, and music below and select the materials that work best for your community.  

– Videos

Watching a video and seeing how a Jewish community lives often gives an insight into the different and similar ways Judaism is practiced around the globe. 

For a great overview of Kulanu’s partner communities, please share the “Getting to Know Kulanu” video playlist
* Please note that questions for discussion and videos for download (along with tech tips) will be posted later.

You can also take a look at other Kulanu films available here, or short informal videos here.

– Photo Slideshow

Take a look at these photos from Jewish communities around the globe. These images are from Kulanu throughout the past 25 years! 

For a great overview of Kulanu’s partner communities, please share the Kulanu Photo Slideshow in Smugmug.
* Please note that we are still adding photos and photo credits. Photos may be downloaded and printed for Kulanu Across the Globe programs. Please do not sell the photos without permission and possible payment.

– D’var Torah

We’ve written a D’var Torah, which relates to a parashah (the weekly Torah portion) for November 15, 2019.

Click here to view D’var Torah and print out the PDF.

– Readings

These readings give different perspectives on Jewish thought and traditions. 

Click here to see the sample readings along with a Google Doc for printing in the future. This is also a work in progress, and suggestions for a few additional readings are welcome. Please use https://kulanu.org/contact.

–  Recipes

Eating food is a way to immerse yourself in a new culture.  We’ve collected a few simple recipes that will add an international flair to your gathering.

Click here to view recipes from different Jewish communities around the globe.

– Music

Enjoy music and the sounds of Judaism from around the globe.  This collection is sure to please! 

Click here to see music samples.

Need ideas for plannings your event?

Check out these plans to give you some ideas for your event. 

Click here to see sample event plans.