Guatemala Community Members Convert to Judaism


In mid-January, Kulanu supported conversion of 12 new converts at Adat Israel Judaismo Reformista in Guatemala City, Guatemala.

The conversion process included rabbis Lea Kroll, Elyse Goldstein, and Eliot Baskin. Take a look at all amazing photos of their conversions on Facebook.

The Jewish community’s leader, Jeannette Orantes, recently joined Kulanu’s board. Jeannette herself converted in February 2013. She says, “This has been the greatest gift I could have received. Judaism for me represents a treasure for the trajectory of research, study, and discussion of so many wise people who have reached invaluable conclusions and that reaches our current rabbis. The study of Judaism is done with voracity and perseverance but it never comes to an end. It is a privilege to be Jewish and to have instructed my children, adults already, in this knowledge.”
Kulanu’s 25th Anniversary Celebrations

2019 is a milestone year for Kulanu as we celebrate 25 years of supporting isolated, emerging, and returning Jewish communities around the globe.