Mayim Chaim: Water is Life!

Kulanu and the Jews of Uganda have completed drilling the first water well in the Abayudaya Jewish Community at Hadassah Primary School.

Israel Siriri, project manager and designer, Headmaster Aaron Kintu Moses, and Rabbi Gershom Sizomu report that the well produces abundant clean, fresh water. Hope runs high that the new well will produce at a high enough rate to pump water from the Hadassah Primary School up to the catchment tanks and cistern installed by Kulanu on Nabagoye Hill in 2005.

Spiritual leader Gershom Sizomu saluted the occasion: I would like to thank you, Alan, for your contribution ‘to life.’ Water gushed out on the evening of the ‘parasha’ on which the Children of Israel demanded water in the wilderness. Thank you for being God’s extension on earth and may you continue to be!

Kulanu and Abayudaya leaders created and successfully facilitated the first electricity and water projects in this Ugandan Jewish community in 2005.

Large water reservoir catchment tanks and a cistern were the rational first line of defense in a climate that has two rainy seasons. Half the year, the water is caught in the nine tanks and one underground cistern Kulanu helped install around the community. These first tanks have helped enormously, but run dry in dry season. Phase Two entails digging reliable wells.

Wells cost a minimum $16,000 each. We have been working to find adequate funds to hire the hydrologist, find the water, test, drill, and pump in the hard soils of Mt. Elgon. Pipe reticulation and plumbing costs are additional.

Here is the story of Kulanu-Abayudaya mitzvah volunteer network in action: Abayudaya medical volunteer Dr. Jordan Feld of Toronto worked with Aaron Kintu Moses and Israel Siriri in Uganda, and then contacted his brother-in-law, Cantor Mo Glazman of Temple Kol Ami in White Plains, NY (who went to HUC with Gershom Sizomu, then attending on a semester fellowship). Cantor Mo then invited me as Kulanu Coordinator for Uganda to meet with his congregants, Alan and Reva Steinfeld to present a proposal for the project. The Steinfelds then donated the $16,000 needed for the hydrologist, well drilling, and pump. Thanks to the Steinfelds, Kulanu’s volunteer network, and Abayudaya leaders, the Jewish, Christian and Muslim children who attend Hadassah Primary School and their neighbors have hope for a healthier future.

More water wells, tanks, pumps, plus piping and plumbing for the primary school are still needed. Would you like to be part of this mitzvah?

These wells and water tanks save lives and help Abayudaya and their Muslim and Christian neighbors live in dignity. Please help us connect with family foundations or individual donors who can help the Abayudaya.

Be part of the Kulanu mitzvah network! Contact Kulanu Coordinator for Uganda Laura Wetzler (Yours Truly)