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Aaron Kintu Moses
Aaron Kintu Moses

Director Aaron Kintu Moses

The computer lab is playing a big role of transforming the educational standards of the school. Hadassah School is the only school in sub-Saharan Africa that teaches 400 Jewish, Muslim, and Christian students. We are blessed with a well-staffed computer lab in Mbale district and it is helping both teachers and learners to improve learning and a knowledge of the outside world. Lab is at risk because of diminished funding and we do not wish it to end.

Students’ comments

My name is  Kintu Nathan,  I am a Jewish student in P.4 at Hadassah primary school. I am a member the Hadassah computer club at school and I help teach my friends the computer skills that I have learned.
When I joined the club I had more interest to learn computer than other people thought. Then Sadati the teacher at that time came and told me that, now you know computer now I want you to teach your friends I started teaching them. Now am going to be taught something called coding. I am very happy that I will be taught to make my own apps and games. I have always wanted to do this, now I have got a chance I can’t just let it go away.

Kadambi Shihabu
Kadambi Shihabu

My name is Kadambi Shihabu in P.5 and a leader of Islam in our school. I am very happy for the computer Lab because it has helped me to improve on my performance in class. In case of any difficult question, I just go to the lab and consult the computer.  A I write this now, I have improved in Social Studies and was able to be in position three for the first time in my class.

God bless our computer lab.

Mbwali Sharon
Mbwali Sharon

Mbwali Sharon

My name is Mbwali Sharon a primary six (P.6) student at Hadassah primary school. Before joining Hadassah, I knew nothing about computers. After two weeks at school a computer teacher madam Sarah came to our class to teach us but I didn’t even know what it was but later she took us to the computer lab and demonstrated everything that she had talked about the previous day. I picked up slowly and now I can use a computer to type my work, search for answers to difficult questions and also play some games during my free time like weekends when we have no lessons.  I thank my computer teachers for this wonderful skill that that has made my work easy.

Teacher’s comments

Bwire Ronald
Bwire Ronald

I am Bwire Ronald, a teacher of science and social studies, also deputy head teacher two. The computer lab has wonderfully simplified our work as teachers in the sense that we have managed to assess our learners on daily, weekly and monthly basis using typed and printed work other than writing on the black boards. As teachers, we have also carried out enough research about our profession using computers and this has made us acquire extra knowledge helping us to excel in our teaching profession. We can organize our lesson plans, PowerPoint presentations and help children learn faster through research and class work.

Kwaga Sarah
Kwaga Sarah

My name is Kwaga Sarah, am the lab administrator at Hadassah elementary school. I train both students and teachers in computer skills. The package includes typing skills, MS word, PowerPoint, excel, and many other productivity programs. Teachers can now use internet for research, presentation and also typing their lesson plans. Students have three classes every day in computer skills and now can use most of the basic application on the computer including games for learning. In general the lab has greatly impacted on the school operations positively mostly with the introduction of the Raspberry that contains Library content.

Mulilo Sadati
Mulilo Sadati


I am Mulilo Sadati, Project Coordinator The project has greatly made positive changes to the school as you see the stories above. We have managed to computerize most of the school activities in the past two years. However, we are at risk of ending because we lost one of our donors after three years supporting us. The project runs on a budget of $10,000 per year covering salaries, electricity, security and Wi-Fi for a year.

Unfortunately the lab is at risk and we need to raise money to pay trainers, electricity, data, guards, equipment maintenance and replacement.


Aaron Kintu Moses, Director

As you have seen all the successes and challenges above, I extend my humble appeal to all well-wishers to help donate to support this at risk program

  • $100 buys a month of extended wifi use for the school or the salary of our lab manager/trainer for a month.
  • $250 buys 3 months of electricity to run the lab or a refurbished Dell laptop
  • $500 buys a refurbished MacPro to make more professional videos and do other work of this kind
  • $1000 buys 4 months for the security guards needed to protect the school and lab
  • $5000 pays for 6 months of the overall cost of running the lab including all staff, equipment and expenses

To donate to our project make all contribution to our fiduciary Kulanu, Inc., which is a nonprofit  501(c)(3) in the US.

Checks:  Kulanu, Inc.

C/o Harriet Bograd, President

165 west End Ave #3R

New York, NY 10023


>On your check enter Hadassah Computer Lab.


Go to kulanu.org/donate and  fill in requested information then under funds click on OTHERS and enter Hadassah Computer Lab
Website: www.kulanu.org

If you would like to assist in other ways like

  • helping build a web site,
  • collecting cds like Reader Rabbit or other learning/teaching software,
  • collecting electronic Jewish school content for an after school program or ??????
  • or if you would like to discuss helping sponsor this unique school in any way.

Contact Aaron Kintu Moses in Uganda and Jerry Knoppow in Michigan:

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