Miraculous Jewish Awakening in Afrika

In an earlier post in regard to various Afrikan groups claim to Jewish descendency:

… Furthermore, maybe it’s a sign of the final redemption that all these groups are waking up and discovering their Jewish roots. … Maybe the Jewish awaking in Africa is miraculous. [Anne]

Shalom everyone … in response to the above … we in the western world need to realize that NONE OF THIS IS NEW … this is not a result of Afrikan groups finally waking up … these people have always known who they are or what their descendance is … remember oral history and connection to the past/ancestors reign supreme in the MotherLand … there are many groups of non-traditionally accepted groups, meaning non-north Afrikan peoples, that are of Hebrew descent. It is only that european descendant Jews are finally waking up and opening up their eyes and accepting the possibility that the statement in the Torah about the exiles being gathered from ALL FOUR CORNERS of the earth could some how possibly include darker skinned peoples. Remember Afrika (ethiopia-which was once a name synonymous with all of Afrika) is mentioned at least 50 times plus in the Torah.

How many many many years was the baLemba’s claim to Jewish descent denied…?? Only until recently when they were only accepted as truth once a DNA test was done. We are living in both happy and sad times … happy in that finally the rest of Afrikan Hebrews are finally being heard, sad because they weren’t heard on their own merit but only by a test accepted by the western man so that now the western man validates the Afrikan’s claim. But I guess no need to really go there.

Yes Hebrews traveled all over Afrika and there are remenants every where there … some just look like Hebrew traditions … and some are truly descendant because they keep their oral history intact … and because of islamic jihads in the 15th century … those who didn’t convert to islam or were slaughtered were shipped off along with other hapless non-hebrew Afrikans to the new worlds into slavery … there are many families in America or the islands whose oral history has survived in shard remenants … and others whose memory was completely wiped clean.

The Jewish wakening in Afrika is not miraculous, it was always there … what is miraculous perhaps is western man finally accepting it.