Madagascar kulanu

In summer 2016, Kulanu facilitated over 100 conversions and a number of weddings in Antananarivo, after the Malagasy community had been developing their Jewish practice for many years. Following an intense two year study period, which Kulanu oversaw, the beit din was headed by Rabbi Achiya Delouya, a Morocco-born Orthodox rabbi living in Montreal. A local river near served as the mikveh.

The community leaders are chazan Touv’yah, Hebrew teacher Petoela, and Ashrey Dayves, president of a group called the Jewish Community of Madagascar. There is no dedicated synagogue building, so the community meet in a local university where they face North towards Israel to pray. The community has an excellent level of Hebrew literacy, and Kulanu volunteers who have visited the congregation report a universally high quality of Torah reading. They also noticed an interest in Kabbalah, and a deep desire for learning opportunities.

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image: Kulanu's 2016 speaker.Women waiting for mikvah.
(Photo: Shep Wahnon)


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