Visit the Jewish Community in Kenya

Since Kenya is such a popular tourist destination, we are very pleased that the Jewish community is welcoming visitors to add a Jewish element to their voyage.  By experiencing Shabbat or a Jewish holiday, you will truly feel at home in Kenya from their warm hospitality.  As one of our recent visitors put it, “We felt we were visiting distant relatives.”

Guest House Details:

  • The Guest House is a 2.5-3.5 hour drive from Nairobi depending on traffic.  You may contact us to arrange for a driver for your travels.
  • The Guest House is an apartment with electricity and running water.  A small kitchen is stocked with dishes and consists of a sink and refrigerator.   There are also hot water flasks provided for tea.
  • An overnight stay at the Guest House provides lunch and breakfast, which are vegetarian or with kosher fish.  The cost is 50 USD for one person and 60 USD for a couple.  (See image below.)

Shabbat, Holiday Services and Jewish ritual items:

  • Shabbat services are about 3.5 kilometers from the Guest House, which is about a 45-minute walk.  Transportation can be provided or stay at a closer location without electricity or running water can be arranged.
  • The Shabbat service is Conservative.  The community welcomes all Jewish groups to pray together.
  • If you would like, you can sponsor a kiddish lunch for the community.
  • You can also celebrate bar/bar mitzvahs and other life cycle events with the community.
  • Kulanu can put you in touch with community leaders so you can find out what Jewish ritual items they may need.  Often, travelers reach out to their own Jewish community to donate Judaica items to find a new home across the globe!  Items that have been requested in the past are Shabbat candles and Hebrew books.  Kulanu may also have some donated items that you could hand-carry.  Do not feel obligated to purchase any items.  Your presence is a gift enough and shows your support.

Tourist Attractions Near Jewish Community:

  • Crescent Island, an animal sanctuary, 2 hours from the Jewish Community and on route to or from Nairobi.
  • Thomsons Falls is a short excursion.
  • There is a national park with a safari about one hour away.

Traveling Tips:

  • A visa is necessary to travel to Kenya for those with USA passports.  We recommend that you do receive your visa prior to your travel to make the arrival process quicker.  However, you can purchase a visa at the airport.
  • The dry season is from November – March.  From April-October, there might be some heavy rain but you can still visit.

Kulanu is proud to support the Jewish community in Kenya and wishes all travelers a wonderful visit and safe travels!

Please Contact Us to be put in touch with the community leaders to set up your specific trip.

Visit the Kehillat Israel Kenya’s Facebook page and the community leader Yehudah Kimani’s Facebook page.


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