Letter from David G. Ahenkorah in Ghana

I recently received a letter from Yaakov Gladstone which he received from his friend in Ghana, David G Ahenkorah. The letter brings information about a Jewish community in Sefwi Sui. I have taken the liberty to make a few alterations in the letter to improve readability for our list serv members. Jack Zeller, 1996

August 26, 1996

Dear Brother Yaakov,

Many thanks for your book posted to me. The book reached me during my absence and that is why I take so long to reply. Brother, I wrote to you a time ago when Brother Daniel Baiden came to us here. Now, I have started working with another community at the place where Aaron Ahomtre had the vision about the lost tribe of Israel. Therefore I am with them to teach them the Torah faith. These people have accepted the Faith very well as evidenced by their request to me to help form the community.

The community is located in a town called Sefwi Sui. Please tell Daniel that any time he comes here again we shall visit them. The people at Sefwi Sui were already having the same step with us during Aaron’s time but due to some matter the community was not able to keep a proper standard as we at Sefwi Wiawso.

Moreover, they were not having any teacher to direct them to the Torah faith. Therefore I have gone to Sefwi Sui to build that community strong this time. They already know the customs as we know but only a few things that they are in need to be taught I am doing for them now. I need more prayer books and other Torah books for the community at Sefwi Sui. The community at Sefwi Sui are only farmers. They have heavy farms and much land. The chief at Sefwi Sui has asked me if I want some land to make a development for our Jewish Community. He will give me as much as I can use. The community does have a farming problem. They do not have storage for what they grow if there is plenty that is not sellable in the market place. I wanted to know if any community can help with this problem.

Brother Yaakov, I want to have more infomations from you and Brother Daniel Baiden as well.

Yours faithfully,

David Ahenkorah

Comment: David Ahenkorah does not have e-mail. He can be reached at David G Ahenkorah, PO Box 57, Sefwi Wiaswso, New Adienbra St., West Africa, W/R Ghana