Special Fund on Anousim and Latin America

Intern LearningWe’ve had the Special Fund on Anousim and Latin America for the last 4-5 years and we’ve been able to do a lot with a limited amount of funding.

We have mentored and prepared 50+ Anousim in Nicaragua for conversion. Our proprietary Orthodox beit din has traveled to Nicaragua three times over the last few years to convert and celebrate the Jewish weddings of the converted couples.

We have sent a few Rabbinic Students to several communities in Latin America (Guatemala and Brazil) to teach and empower the local communities. Additionally, we are planning on sending two more Rabbinic Students to different communities in Brazil, and one is even planning on teaching shechita of chickens, as the community doesn’t have access to kosher meat.

We have sent two donated Sifrei Torah to communities (Dominican Republic and Brazil) and have received donations for siddurim, machzorim, and tefillin for several Brazilian Anousim.

We have active groups in Nicaragua, Ecuador, Colombia, Guatemala, Dominican Republic, and many in Brazil, and are only able to help with your support.

$1,000 can bring 2 pairs of tefillin to a community
$2,000 can bring a Rabbi / Judaics teacher to a community for a month.
$5,000 can help renovate a synagogue in Latin America that is otherwise falling apart.
$10,000 can support even more communities.

We appreciate any donation you can make and of the support goes directly to these communities!   Together we are bringing Anousim back to mainstream Judaism!

Donate today!  Please type ‘Anousim and Latin America’ in the comments field.