Crypto-Jews are also known as Anousim, Anusim, Conversos and were formerly known as Marranos (“Marranos” is still used in Portuguese-speaking communities).

Special Fund on Anousim and Latin America

Anousim Centers & Conferences

International Conference on Bnei Anousim C0-sponsored by Kulanu – Address by Bonita Nathan Sussman (2016)

The Anusim Center in El Paso, Texas is connected to the Jewish Federation. There is no longer an active web site. Contact can be made through Rabbi Steven Leon.

Children of the Inquisition

The International  Institute  of Secret Jews (Anousim)  Studies Astonishingly, millions of people in the world retain remnants of Jewish traditions, yet they remain completely unaware of their Jewish roots. These people are secret or crypto-Jews and are the descendents of the Secret Jews (Anusim in Hebrew), Jews who were forced to convert to Christianity during the Inquisition in Spain. Many fled Spain for Portugal, North and South America, and many other countries to escape the depredations and brutality of the Inquisition. The International Institute for Secret Jews Studies investigates this unique phenomenon, and where possible, tries to rescue these descendents and help reunite them with their stolen Jewish legacy.

The Institute for Sefardi and Anousim Studies (ISAS) at Netanya Academic College in Israel was created in response to the incredible phenomenon of the descendants of the forced converts (Anousim) in medieval Spain and Portugal awakening to their Jewish heritage.

The ISAS promotes research on the historical and contemporary development of the crypto-Jews of Iberian origin, as well as other groups such as the Mashadis of Iran. We offer seminars, courses, and conferences to educate the public about this phenomenon and its contemporary ramifications in Israel and around the world. We also offer assistance to those seeking confirmation of their Jewish ancestry through genealogical research.

Sephardim Hope International is a benevolent international non-profit organization to bring the message of the Sephardic Anusim Jews (the descendents of the forcibly converted  ones) from Spain to the awareness of the Jews, Gentiles and the world. This is a prophetic message of hope and part of the story of Biblical Zionism.

Society for Crypto-Judaic Studies  SCJS has established itself as the preeminent association dedicated to fostering research in the historical and contemporary development of Sephardic crypto-Jews. SCJS also provides a venue for the descendants of crypto-Jews, scholars, and other interested parties to network and discuss pertinent issues. As an international forum, it creates opportunities for sharing personal narratives, as well as new and relevant data of interest to our diverse membership. Above all, it nurtures a global community for those in search of more information and helps gather in the fragments of crypto-Jewish communities around the world.   

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  • Introduction for Anousim  (Spanish) (English) Genie Milgrom( 2019) – and put a link to the Spanish and English versions. Or if you prefer, Translate the title into Spanish, and list the video twice, once in Spanish and once in English.

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