Kulanu Trips

Kulanu Trips

Upcoming Trips Led by Friends of Kulanu

  • India: My Second Home
    Presented by our friends Nathan Katz and Ellen Goldberg: "India is known for its antiquity and modern high-tech. Spirituality and Bollywood swagger. Bustling cities and pristine nature. A cultural kaleidoscope that's the world's largest democracy. But what's typically not known is India's long history as one of the most hospitable homes in the Jewish diaspora. For centuries, Jews found a haven in which their traditions flourished. So too, they've been among India's great mystics, taken center stage in Bollywood, served as mayors in major cities, and produced the country's greatest military hero, as well as its most celebrated English-language poet." (Press Release)
    Visit India My Second Home for more information about the trip! Click here for a press release about the trip.
  • Burkat Global Jewish India Tour
    Presented by our friends Dr. Shalva Weil and Iris and Howard Burkat.
    Unique to Burkat Global, Dr. Shalva Weil, senior researcher at the Hebrew University, Jerusalem, will be the scholar in residence for Burkat Global's 2017 tour, traveling with them and teaching the group.
    Explore Southern India, travel in the footsteps of the Jews who first arrived as spice traders 3000 years ago, and settled there 2,000 years ago, and tour India's wonderful landscape and tourist destinations. Visit Burkat Global or click here for more information!

Click here for general information about the Jewish community in India

  • Past Trips with Kulanu

    • The Annual Jewish Life in Uganda Mitzvah Tour
      Presented by The Abayudaya Jews of Uganda with Kulanu annually from 2004 to 2014.
      Click here to download a previous trip flyer distributed to groups to promote the social action, adventure-travel opportunity. Past information kit with housing details, itinerary and complied answers to frequently asked questions provides information about the annual Jewish Life in Uganda Mitzvah tour. Please contact us with questions.
    • Anousim Conference and Trip to Israel (2011)
      Monday, August 1 - Thursday, August 11, 2011
      Rabbi Stephen Leon and Bnai Zion Congregation led a guided tour of Israel co-sponsored by Kulanu, focusing on sites of importance for the Anousim community. Included a visit to the Western Wall on Tisha B'av to memorialize the rippling effects of the Spanish Inquisition, and to honor the efforts of the Anousim to return to Judaism.
      Click here for the trip flyer.
    • Ethiopia Tours (2010)
      There were several fascinating tour options available, beginning January 3, 2010
      Presented by Mogilee Tours
      Read about the different tours here.