Kulanu Honoring Daneel Schaechter with 2015 Tribute Journal

Deadline EXTENDED to June 15!

There is still time to contribute to the 2015 Kulanu Tribute Journal in honor of Daneel Schaechter, a young yet impressive rising star in the Jewish world -- we've extended the deadline for submissions to June 15, 2015!*

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Show your admiration and support for Daneel's work with Anousim communities with a contribution to this year's Tribute Journal at www.kulanu.org/donate. Be sure to include "Daneel Tribute" followed by a short message for the online ad journal in the Comments or Memo field. Then share with your networks why YOU chose to honor Daneel Schaechter!

*Note: Submissions received after June 15 will be included in an Addendum to the 2015 Tribute Journal.

Original Tribute Journal Announcement

Kulanu is proud to announce our honoree for the 2015 Annual Tribute Journal. Daneel Schaechter is a remarkable young man, Kulanu's Latin America coordinator since 2011 and, thanks to his extraordinary accomplishments, the youngest member of our board of directors. A Kulanu volunteer since his senior year in high school, Daneel has worked innumerable hours as a passionate, resourceful, and effective advocate for Kulanu. His youthful energy and enthusiasm, as well as his knowledge and love of Judaism, have enabled him to meet and introduce Kulanu and the world to new Jewish communities throughout Latin America.

Please join us as we honor Daneel Schaechter, the vanguard of a new generation of Kulanu leaders. Once again we are creating a virtual on-line journal in which you can express your thoughts. The journal will look like a booklet you would receive at a dinner you attended in person, but in this case, you will see the pages on-line. The journal will display your sentiments and those of others, along with photos of Daneel in his roles inside and outside Kulanu. By communicating your good wishes to Daneel, you will be helping to support Kulanu's work in Latin America and around the globe.

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A brilliant activist while still in high school, Daneel was on the executive board of an organization that fought for the maintenance of Yiddish as a living language. As his focus shifted, he brought his zeal to Kulanu and to the isolated and emerging Jewish communities of Latin America. A fluent speaker of Spanish (as well as English, Yiddish, Hebrew and Portuguese) and a friendly and approachable presence, he has helped us establish and maintain contact in many countries including Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico, Nicaragua, and Peru. Thanks to his efforts and extensive travels, Kulanu has benefited from contact with these vibrant and hopeful communities. In turn, they have benefited from resources provided by Kulanu supporters - Torahs, religious items, books, Jewish teaching via the Internet and in person, and increased interaction with worldwide Judaism. A mini-grant program Daneel organized and directed for Kulanu brought siddurim and other books to needy communities in Brazil, Guatemala, and Ecuador, and funds for a Hebrew school classroom to Colombia.

As a college student at the University of Pennsylvania, Daneel received several research awards for oral history work in Latin America. Among his multitude of accomplishments, he has been a Fellow at Ein Prat Academy for Leadership in Israel, a Fellow at Germany Close Up which focuses on German-American-Israeli foreign relations, and a founding member of Action: Active Cross-Cultural Training In Our Neighborhood for disadvantaged elementary schools. In summer 2013, he won a prestigious internship at the US embassy in Quito, Ecuador, after graduating magna cum laude from Penn.

Currently, we are pleased to share that while continuing to serve as Kulanu Board member and Latin America Coordinator, Daneel is residing in Recife, Brazil as a Fulbright Scholar at the Universidade Federal de Pernambuco, teaching English, working at a startup, and helping the b'nei anousim communities around Brazil. Click here to read more about Daneel's work with Kulanu, and click here to see his full (and impressive!) resume on LinkedIn. On behalf of Jewish communities in Latin America, and "all of us" everywhere, please contribute to the Journal today!

How to Honor Daneel with Kulanu

Kulanu, Inc is accepting contributions toward the 2015 Tribute Journal honoring Daneel Schaechter until May 31, 2015. Please see Giving Levels below.

For gifts of $72 or more you are invited to submit a message and/or photo to be included in the online ad book which will be published on our web site this summer. Members of communities that Kulanu supports are welcome to submit messages or photos without a donation.

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Groups can also join together to pay tribute to Daneel Schaechter, and individuals are encouraged to share this opportunity with their networks. Click here for some of our ideas to help make an even bigger impact (wed love to hear yours, too)!

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*Please note: Groups can also join together to pay tribute to Daneel Schaechter, and individuals are encouraged to share this opportunity with their networks. Click here for some of our ideas to help make an even bigger impact (wed love to hear yours, too)!

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