Jews in Recovery from Alcoholism and Drug Abuse


This is a web site for Jews and their families whose lives have been affected by alcoholism and drug abuse and for the rabbis and treatment professionals involved or concerned with addiction in the Jewish community. The Jews in Recovery website offers extensive up-to-date resources for education, outreach, and support.

Our Web site and discussion list are both sponsored by JACS, a volunteer non-profit organization of Jewish Alcoholics, Chemically dependent people, and their Significant others. JACS is not treatment nor a 12-step program but its members are generally members of 12 step programs. There are loosely affiliated groups in about 20 U.S. and Canadian cities.

JACS, headquartered in New York City, is a program of JBFCS, the Jewish Board of Family and Childrens Services, New York, NY. We also have an e-mail discussion list.

JACS, the email discussion list, is for Jews to share on a daily basis their personal concerns with the journey of recovery from addiction. It is similar to an on-line meeting. Subscription details are below and also at:

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