My Judaism

Bruk Kassa Bikele

First of all, Judaism was my mother religion. When I was in Ethiopia, unfortunately there is no a synagogue. Again by a different case I can't attended Judaism. When I was there (in Ethiopia) so many question had in my mind. About one God and his Laws. All these world been created by one God. Why should to need any other deity? And the Law given by God - once he speaks - He is not a man - He should not change his mind.

One of the Law from the Ten Commandment, "I am your God, you shall have no other gods before me." Then why we worship another gods, and why do we celeberate the Sabbath on Sunday? Always this and like this question I ask my mind, and I ask a difference person that I got the answer is not satisfaction for me.

When I came in South Africa June / 1995 after 10 days when I walk on the street I saw a synagogue in Hilbrow. When I see that synagogue my mind go back to my mother.

Immediately I decided since now why not I attend my mother religion. I would like her to much, she was my soul. When the coming Saturday around 10:30 I started go to the Temple of Israel in Hilbrow. I push the bell and one lady open the door. I introduce myself for why I came today and attend the programme that day and I introduced for the congregates that day. When I backed to home I feel special feeling. I was very happy a full day after that. Every Shabbat I attended the shoul. I like the choir and Torah reading and all ceromony, and even the Sabbath day are just like God's order even the holy days. Now I got the answer for my question and I am very satisfied. Some people say Baruch you are not Jewish but I don't stop. Every Shabbat I gone to shul when Shabbat is coming I would be happy. I wash my body and I attend the service. By this way I attended more than a year in Hilbrow synagogue.

November 28 / 1996 I leave Johannesburg I came to P.E. When I start to live here in P.E. after 20 days one Friday I ask one person around please where is of a synagogue around here. I find the Orthodox synagogue in P.E. and I start follow to shul from December 1996. When that middle time (first 20 days) I was not happy because when I will not go to shul and attend the service.

I am very happy after 2 months ago one Friday night Dr David Kolnick gave a ride to my home and ask him from where did I came and about my history. And the next Shabbat he took me to his home and invited me the meal. After that every Shabbat he took his home and he teaches me about Jews religion and Jewish holiday and about Jewish people history and he gave a book Jewish history book and day after day I developed my knowledge about Judaism. When I know deeply well I became interested and again he teaches me Hebrew. Now I can write Hebrew and I read Hebrew By this more than two and half years Judaism shaped in my heart and disolved in my blood. Thank for Dr David. No one separate me from Judaism.