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Get Involved with Kulanu, Inc

There are many ways to become involved with Kulanu's projects around the world. See below for what YOU can do, and contact us with any questions, comments, or other ideas!


Kulanu, a non-profit, 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization, is able to achieve its goals thanks to generous support from individuals, foundations, congregations, schools, and other groups. Donations to Kulanu are tax deductible for US taxpayers.

Join the network of Kulanu supporters now and know that you are making a difference in the lives of Jews around the world. Here are some of the ways you can contribute:

Visit our Donate page,, to learn more about contributing to Kulanu, Inc. You can also contact Kulanu coordinator Katie Rosenthal with any questions about donations: click here to send an email, or call 1-212-877-8082 during office hours (Mon/Wed 1pm-6pm EST).

For our tax-exempt status and Form 990s, click here.


Kulanu relies on volunteers for its endeavors. Our volunteers are a source of ideas and energy; they teach in our communities; welcome visitors and speakers to their communities; develop educational and economic projects; make presentations to local, regional and national groups; raise funds and rouse their communities; share resources; and seek grants from family and national foundations. And so much more!

If you would like to volunteer for Kulanu, check out our volunteer positions, then complete our online application form. In addition to the online application, please email your resumé and cover letter to volunteers [at] kulanu [dot] org. Thank you for offering your time, skills, and energy to Kulanu, Inc!

If you would like to volunteer in an overseas community, please first review the list of Kulanu Overseas Volunteer Opportunities to see which communities interest you and might be an appropriate use of your skills and abilities. You can read more about each of these groups on their respective community page, at Then please download our Overseas Volunteer Application Form and email it to volunteers[at]kulanu[dot]org along with your resumé and cover letter. Thank you!

Raise Funds

Don't have time to commit to volunteering, but want to do more than donate? You can make a huge impact as a Kulanu Fundraiser! It's easier than it sounds -- just follow the fundraising tips on this page: -- and enjoy watching the donations roll in in response to your efforts! This is a great way to raise awareness about, and support for, Kulanu's Jewish communities around the world. Happy FUNdraising!

Mitzvah Projects

Another important way volunteers participate is by sharing their bar or bat mitzvah or other special day with Kulanu. Click here to find out how you can create a meaningful mitzvah project with Kulanu to honor your bar/bat mitzvah, birthday or wedding, and other lifecycle occasions.

Take a Trip

Travel with your friends and family on a group Mitzvah Trip to meet Jewish communities in exciting destinations such as India or Uganda. Visit the Trips page at to find out about upcoming and past tours.

If you're already planning a trip, you can contact us to inquire about connecting you with a local Jewish community. Find out which Kulanu communities welcome volunteer-visitors on our Overseas Volunteer Opportunities page.

We sometimes ask travelers to carry in-kind donations (books, mezuzot, kippot, candles, etc) with them to give to a community. If you're able to do that, please let us know when you are going where. Thanks!

Intern with Kulanu

Kulanu is now accepting applications for three- to six-month internships as part of the Kulanu Internship Program! Learn more and apply here:

Please share the link above with anyone you know seeking an internship program. Thank you!

Host a Kulanu Watch Party

Are you looking for ways to bring friends together? Host a "Kulanu Watch Party" and have fun educating your group about returning, emerging and isolated Jewish communities around the world! Get inspired by the touching stories and engage your friends and neighbors in conversations about Jewish identity.

Organizing a Kulanu Watch Party is simple:
(1) Pick a date and location;
(2) contact Kulanu's Program Coordinator for resources; and
(3) invite your networks! (Make it a "snack potluck" and ask everyone to bring snacks to the party.)

You can show the 5-minute Kulanu video, or the more in-depth Kulanu slideshow, to start. If your crowd is eager for more, check out Kulanu's videos on YouTube, the trailers on our Filmmakers Forum page, and our online photo albums.

As a special thank-you gift for you and your guests, you'll receive a complimentary shipment of our book, Under One Canopy: Readings in Jewish Diversity (40 copies per shipment), and other Kulanu materials when you host a Kulanu Watch Party.

Be sure to contact us at least two to three weeks before your event so we can get everything to you on time. We look forward to hearing from you!

Share Your Photos and Videos with Kulanu

If you have photos or videos taken in a community Kulanu works with or at a Kulanu event, we’d love for you to share them with "all of us"! For photos, please go to and follow the instructions for uploading images from your computer or camera. Please include your name, and the name of any additional photographers, and the date and location of the pictures; this will also serve as the photo credit if/when we publish them. We will assume that you have permission to share the photos publicly, and are giving us permission to share them publicly unless you tell us not to publish them. We much prefer high-resolution photos so that we can print them. Thanks so much!

For videos, please post them on youtube and send the link to us using the Contact Kulanu form. Be sure to set it so that we can download the videos.

We will then add your photos and videos to our archives. We draw on these archives to select appropriate photos for our web site, magazine, emails, blog and Facebook page. Thank you for helping us build connections with Jews around the world through visual imagery.

Stay Informed & In-Touch

Connect with Jews worldwide, and be inspired by what Kulanu volunteers and activists are doing in our communities!

The Kulanu Blog ( will keep you in the loop about Kulanu's work across the globe. Check it out to read up on what we've been doing, and comment on these blog posts to let "all of us" - and the rest of the world - know what you think!

We also send occasional emails so you can have the latest Kulanu news delivered right to your inbox! You can subscribe to Kulanu Updates (sent approximately once every four to six weeks) by simply submitting a Contact Kulanu form on our web site: go to and select "Mailing list manager" from the drop-down list to get signed up!

A more social way to get up-to-speed on Kulanu's work and meet diverse Jews is to "Like" the Kulanu, Inc page on Facebook (, an active place for Kulanu supporters to share our activities, photos, links, events, and experiences with each other. We're also on Twitter - follow us @Kulanu_Inc!

Do you want to talk with others in the Kulanu community and hear news from the diverse Jewish world? Join the conversation by subscribing to our email listserv,, by sending an email to this address.

All donors to Kulanu receive KulanuNews, Kulanu, Inc's organizational magazine, for one year; this publication is jam-packed with great stories and articles, vivid photos, and interesting book reviews. Check out the archives at, and donate now to get your own copy of the next issue in the mail!

Invite a Kulanu Speaker to Your Community

Does your congregation, organization, class or campus want to learn about Jewish communities around the world, and the work Kulanu is doing to support and connect them? Help educate your community about "all of us" by hosting a Kulanu speaker in your town! See descriptions of the presentation topics below, then email us about your interest.

Madagascar Speaking Tour 2016

Kulanu is excited to announce our 2016 Kulanu-Madagascar speaking tour. Yes, Madagascar! We met our speaker, Elysha Netsarh, during our journey to that far-away island country off the east coast of Africa. We were immediately struck by Elysha's outgoing personality, her intellect, and her command of English, as she interpreted for us from her native Malagasy language and French.

Take a look at the full speaking tour announcement here.

Read Elysha's biography here

About Kulanu

This presentation will highlight Kulanu's work with Jewish communities around the world. Located in Africa, Asia, Latin America, Europe, and the Southwestern United States, these communities have been, for the most part, isolated from world Jewry. The one-hour presentation, accompanied by a slideshow of on-site photographs, documents Kulanu's inspiring efforts to help communities and individuals connect or re-connect with their Jewish roots.

Take a peek at our slideshow here.
Harriet Bograd and Barbara Vinick are our Northeast presenters; their bios are available on our website.
Contribution: $500 honorarium plus travel

Rabbanit Bonita Sussman and Rabbi Gerald Sussman

Bonita Nathan Sussman, Vice President of Kulanu, is available to make presentations on Kulanu's vision to change the Jewish world-wide Jewish community, her travels and what she has gained through her encounters with emerging, returning and isolated Jewish communities world-wide. Her writing, photographs and YouTube channel document these communities for the historical record. Her husband, Rabbi Gerald Sussman who often serves as the "mara d'aytra" spiritual guide and rabbi of these communities is also available to speak on their rabbinic questionings. Their travels include Nicaragua, Madagascar, Papua New Guinea, Gabon, Cote d'Ivoire, Cameroon and India.

Contribution: $500 honorarium plus travel

Remy Ilona

Remy Iona, currently a student in religious studies at Florida International University in Miami, is a lawyer from Abuja, the capital of Nigeria. For many years he has been an emissary and spokesperson for the Jews of Nigeria, native-born Igbo people whose customs and traditions, as understood throughout Nigeria, are rooted in ancient Israel. Author of The Igbo: Jews in Africa? (2004) and The Igbo and Israel: An Inter-Cultural Study of the Largest Jewish Diaspora (2012), Remy looks to the past and future of the 30 million Igbo of Nigeria - who they were, who they are, and who they are destined to be. His presentation is fascinating and sure to inspire lively discussion. See Sam Kestenbaum's article, "Meet the Igbo, Nigeria’s Lost Jewish Tribe," in the Forward, Jan 24, 2016.

Contribution: $500 honorarium plus travel

Miriam and Mordecai Feinberg

image: Miriam and Mordecai Feinberg

Miriam and Mordecai Feinberg are available to make presentations on Kulanu's vision to change the world-wide Jewish community, their travels and what they have gained through their encounters with emerging, returning and isolated Jewish communities around the world. They have volunteered, under the auspices of Kulanu, as Judaic teachers for communities in Uganda, Zimbabwe and Poland and are available to share those experiences through speaking and visual presentations.

Contribution: $500 honorarium plus travel


The Anousim are the descendants of Jews who were expelled from Spain and Portugal during the Inquisition in the 15th century (as well as many who went into hiding). Today, many Anousim, also known as Crypto-Jews, are discovering their roots and choosing to return to Judaism. Sonya Loya, an Anousi, is a well-known glass artisan and founder-director of the Bat-Tzyion Hebrew Learning Center in New Mexico. Sonya travels the country to share her own fascinating story of return, as well as her beautiful Crypto art work. Invite her to visit your congregation or other group and learn not just Sonya's story, but also the trials and triumphs of the Anousim from the Inquisition to today.

Read Sonya Loya's biography by clicking here.
Get a glimpse of Sonya's Jewish-themed glass art in this video on YouTube.
Contribution: $500 honorarium plus travel

Please contact us with any questions. Thank you!

Thank You for your interest in getting involved with Kulanu's work supporting isolated and emerging Jewish communities around the world!