Kulanu Fundraising Tips

Fundraising Tips:

Help Kulanu Support Jewish Communities Around the World

Thank you for responding to our call to action! We're excited about the power of social networking to help us help others, and there are many ways that you can be involved in our fundraising efforts. Here are a few ideas:

"Causes" Personal Fundraising Pages

Kulanu offers a fun, easy, and social way to raise money for far-away Jewish communities: Personal Fundraising Pages (PFPs) make it easy to share your favorite cause with your peers, and to utilize the power and reach of any and all social media platforms to help support impoverished Jewish communities around the world. If you're passionate about this work but have a hectic schedule, this is a great, low-commitment (but highly rewarding) way to support the global Jewish community. Just register on one of Kulanu's fundraising pages (see below), set a goal, and tell your friends and family! In addition to individual pages, you can also get a group together to form a fundraising team and work together to multiply your impact.

Below you'll find the step-by-step instructions for setting up your own fundraising page. Once you've set up your PFP, review the other tips on this page for ideas on how to get your page out there and reach your personal fundraising goal! Please contact us with any questions or for help setting up a page.

Thanks so much for using the web to make a difference!

Current Kulanu Cause Pages

Check out the list of Kulanu's current Causes to find the one that speaks to you; you can simply share the main fundraising page on social media sites, or create your own PFP with your own goal that you send to your family, friends, and other networks!

Donate to one of the causes above, click here for step-by-step instructions to create your own PFP, and check out our ideas for sharing these fundraising pages with your networks. Thank you for getting involved!

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Facebook or LinkedIn

Here's a sample of what you could post:

Help Kulanu, Inc provide an education to the 600 Jewish, Christian, and Muslim students who study, eat, and play together peacefully at the two Abayudaya schools in Uganda! Please donate and/or share, www.tinyurl.com/SaveUgandaSchools


Sample "Tweet":

Help save #Abayudaya schools for 600 #Jewish, #Christian, #Muslim students in #Uganda http://tinyurl.com/saveUgandaschools - Please RT!


Are you a blogger yourself, or do you often read other blogs? Inspire acts of tzedekah via the blog-o-sphere -- and get inspired by the Kulanu Blog (kulanu.org/blog)!

  • Write in your blog about the Kulanu community or cause of your choice.
  • Ask your favorite blogger to write about this community or cause.
  • Share the appeal for our cause, a relevant article from our web site, or a Kulanu Blog post, on a shared blogging site.


Send an email to your family and friends with a link to the Cause Page of your choice or to your own PFP, with a personal message explaining why this project or community is so important and meaningful to you. For ideas for your letter, look at Kulanu's fundraising letters that you have received or that are posted on the Kulanu Blog. Find your favorite photos or videos to share at www.kulanu.phanfare.com and www.youtube.com/kulanuvideo, and compelling articles and information at www.kulanu.org.

Thank you for getting involved and reaching out to help support Jewish communities around the world!

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Step-by-step Instructions for Creating Your Own PFP:

1. Go to the main Event Page (e.g., https://sna.etapestry.com/fundraiser/KulanuInc/UgandaSchools/).

2. Please read that over to see what information Kulanu is presenting about the community and the main fundraiser. Note that this is just the general landing page; your personal page can be modified.

3. Click on the "Register" link at the top left.

4. Keep the "create an account" option selected; click Next.

5. On this registration page, enter the required information to create an account and create your password (note that your password must contain at least three of the following four items - a lower case letter, an upper case letter, a number, and a special character). Then click next / submit.

6. On the next page you'll enter your fundraising goal and a name for your page (if you want something other than your name). Then hit Next.

7. On this page you choose whether to start a team or lead your own campaign.

8. Click next, and you'll see a page showing the summary of all the info you gave. If you want to change something click "Prev." at the bottom, or if everything is correct just click Next; you'll see a page that tells you to expect an email confirmation. However, you can get into your dashboard right away - just click Login, enter the info you just submitted (email address and password), and you'll be in your very own Fundraising Center!

9. From this Fundraising Center "dashboard" you can view and edit your *live* page (for example, add a photo or a personalized sentence or paragraph), and see templates for emails that you can modify and send out to request donations and thank your supporters. This page will also track all the donations submitted through your Personal Fundraising Page (PFP) - and any donations that are mailed to us will also be added to this page, as long as the donor includes a note that it is to go toward your project.

10. Share your Page! Send the link and a heartfelt appeal message via email, Facebook, or other methods to invite your friends, family, and other networks to contribute to your project. You'll find people are glad to support you, so have fun with it!

Happy FUN-draising! :)

*Note: You might want to bookmark either the Fundraising Center page or your "live" PFP so it is easy to access it. You can also create an easy to remember link by going to www.tinyurl.com, putting in the link to your PFP and then creating a shorter URL (for example, "www.tinyurl.com/SaveAbayudayaSchools". Please contact us with any questions at www.kulanu.org/contact.

There are many ways to be an effective fundraiser, so feel free to get creative, and contact us (select "Programming & Development Coordinator") with any questions. Thank you for helping us support Jewish communities around the world!

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