Shanghai Remembered

Two separate approaches are being taken to examine the history and life of the 20,000 Jewish refugees in Shanghai during World War II:

  • The Council on the Jewish Experience in Shanghai (CJES), formed in 1994, safeguards and develops the historical evidence of the Jewish refuge in Shanghai. Contact:

    Ralph B. Hirsch
    3500 Race St
    Philadelphia, PA 19104-4925
    FAX: 1.215.386.1270
    E-mail: hirsch @ igc . org

  • And a 20-episode television series on the subject, entitled Shanghai’s Ark, will be filmed in China, produced by Yu Qiuyu, a noted cultural historian. A Shanghai TV station and Li Li Film Company will jointly invest in and produce the series.

A commemorative plaque in Chinese, English, and Hebrew was dedicated in April 1994, placed by the Hongkou district government. The English text reads as follow:


From 1937 to 1941, thousands of Jews came to Shanghai fleeing from Nazi persecution. Japanese occupation authorities regarded them as “stateless refugees” and set up this designated area to restrict their residence and business.

The designated area was bordered on the west by Gongping Road, on the east by Tongbei Road, on the south by Huiming Road, and on the north by Zhoujiazui Road.

Hongkou District People’s Government