Kulanu “Credits”

When you watch a movie, do you stay at the end to watch all the credits? I’m always awed by how many people have worked together to make a great production. In the same way, please enjoy this list of all the people who have dedicated their time to make Kulanu so successful this year.This is a risky endeavor, since I’m sure to omit valuable volunteers – but if you let me know whom I’ve left out, we’ll have an even better list to post on our web site soon!
Please imagine this list scrolling on a big movie screen, with lovely music in the background!
Kulanu Board Members and Officers:

Harriet Bograd, President & Treasurer
Judith Manelis, Vice President
Barbara Vinick, Secretary
Jack Zeller, President Emeritus
Matthew Feldman
Rabbi Stephen Leon
Peter Persoff
Andria Spindel
Jacob Steinberg
Rabbi Bonita Sussman
Aron and Karen Primack, Honorary Board Members
Programming and Development Coordinator:

John Cape (our only paid employee, 3 days a week since July)
Katie Rosenthal (former employee until June)
Regional Coordinators:

Brazil: Regina Igel, Dione Pereira, Robert Feron
Cameroon: Rabbis Bonita and Gerald Sussman
Ecuador: Ed Samiljan
Ethiopia: Sam Taddesse and Yohannes Zeleke

Harriet Bograd, Michael Ramberg, and Allison Michael
India: Romiel Daniel, Navras Jaat Aafreedi
Puerto Rico: Rabbi Lawrence Goldstein
Southern Africa: Sandy Leeder
Suriname: Jacob Steinberg
Tutsi: Rabbi David Kuperman
Uganda: Laura Wetzler
Liaison to Saudades: Rufina Mausenbaum
More Credits:
Speakers: Shi Lei, Gil and Lil Zinn, David Wise, Rabbi Bonita Sussman, Jonina Duker

Overseas Volunteers: Rabbi Haim Beliak, Rabbis Bonita and Gerry Sussman, Melannie Levin
Newsletter Editors: Judy Manelis, Editor; Enid Block, Layout and Photography Editor
Web Site: Miguel Vicuñ and John Cape
Email Group Moderators: Sidney Davis, Shep Wahnon, Remy Ilona

Facebook Page Hosts: Sidney Davis, Marcia Weingarten

Blog Host: Matthew Feldman
Fundraising Team: Matthew Feldman, Barbara Vinick, Andria Spindel, Harriet Bograd, Howard Young, Jeanne Bodin, David Wise, Dr. Liz Feldman
Graphic Design: Julie Elman
Multimedia Managers and Advisers: Dan Knapp, Eli Lieberman, Laura Klapman
Photographers: Chaya Weinstein, Rabbi Bonita Sussman, Serge Etele, Enid Bloch,
Lorne Mallin, Laura Wetzler, Andree Aelion Brooks, Dan Knapp
Newsletter Authors: Ainsley Henriques, Andree Aelion Brooks, Barbara Vinick, Charles London, David Scholem,
Rabbi Haim Beliak, Judy Manelis, Laura Wetzler, Michael Dukakis, Michael Freund , Mort Simon, Rabbi Larry Goldstein,
Rabbi Stephen Leon, Rabbis Bonita and Gerald Sussman, Serge Etele, Sheila Gogol, Shi Lei, Sonya Loya, Tudor Parfitt
Presentation Designers: Laurie Moldawer, Carl Kaplan
Translators: Sonia Kalikow, Bernice Mitchell< , Daneel Schaechter
Office Administration: Natalie Pergam, Diego Testa, Eli Lieberman, C.J. Robinson, Keeran Keodas
Community Members and Leaders: of the communities we work with.
Local Volunteers: All the volunteers who arrange for Kulanu-related speaking events or educational programs,
fundraise with family and friends, spread the word on Facebook or blogs.
Rabbis, Cantors, Teachers, and Educators: who include Kulanu materials in their programs
Visitors and Volunteers: All people who have visited or volunteered in Kulanu communities
Crypto Judaic Society
David Weingarten, Far West USY
Diane Tobin, Bechol Lashon
Diva Communications (Debra and David Vinik)
Jemglo.org (Ellen Friedland and Curt Fissel
Judy Gray, Masorti Olami
Michael Freund, Shavei Israel
Rabbi Jeffrey Summit, Tufts Hillel (Abayudaya Higher Education Program)
Rabbi Marvin Tokayer
Rabbi Stephen Leon and Sonya Loya, El Paso Anousim Conference
Rabbis Arnie Belzer and Anson Laytner, Sino-Judaic Institute
Relly Coleman, Books for Zim
Young Judea Year in Israel – Olami Program
Thanksgiving Coffee Company
Donors of $3,900 to $15,000:
L Weider, The Smart Family Foundation,
South Peninsula Jewish Community Teen Foundation of the Jewish Community Endowment Fund, Anonymous,
Moskowitz Charitable Trust, Estelle Friedman Gervis Charitable Foundation,
Marin/San Francisco Jewish Community Teen Foundation  of the Jewish Community Endowment Fund,
Otto and Marianne Wolman Foundation, The Associated’s Teen Giving Initiative, The Good People Fund
And thanks to our many other donors, with gifts from $5 and up!
Business Partners

: Free Services

Youtube.com – video channel
Phanfare.com – online photo albums (free for nonprofits)
Google: Mail, Docs, Maps, Analytics,

Business Partners: Paid

Etapestry (donor database)
Prostores.com (online storefront)
Grover Cleveland Press, Buffalo, NY (newsletter printers)
Marketing Tech, Buffalo, NY (printing and mailing services)
Popular Printing
OLM.net (web hosting)

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