Shana Tova! From “all of us” at Kulanu – Happy 5777!

Rosh Hashanah connects us to our beginnings, and our global Jewish communities – such as the Bene Ephraim from India, pictured below. “All of us” at Kulanu are grateful for your ongoing support and commitment to Jewish diversity. Help spread our mission so that we can make 5777 our best year yet, by simply sharing our social media posts […]

TBT: Making Matza in India, 2007

April 9, 2015 In honor of “Throw-Back Thursday” and the Passover holiday, please enjoy these videos from a 2007 Kulanu volunteer-visit to the Bene Ephraim Jewish community in Andhra Pradesh, India. These videos show the Bene Ephraim community experiencing matza for the first time, and learning how to make it in a place where access […]

The Bene Ephraim Jewish Community of India Welcomes Visitor-Volunteer, Donated Books and Judaica

February 26, 2015 Judi Kloper, a Kulanu volunteer from Corvallis, Oregon, traveled to India in November for a wedding, and made plans to stay and visit with the Bene Ephraim community (BEC) located in the Andhra Pradesh region of India. Prior to her arrival, Judi communicated with some of the community members about how she could […]

Sukkot Greetings from “All of Us” at Kulanu, Inc.!

October 15, 2014 CHAG SUKKOT SAMEACH! Happy Sukkot from “All of Us” at Kulanu, Inc. ~ Please enjoy these Sukkot images from India, Brazil, and Kenya, and share this message with your family and friends as a fun and meaningful holiday greeting. ~ Celebrating Sukkot in India – the Bene Ephraim community in Andhra Pradesh. Photo courtesy Sadok Yacobi, 2007. Learn […]