Madagascar Update: Homeward bound

Final good byes in Madagascar

Final good byes in Madagascar

Today we leave and head home back to our lives. There are more tearful goodbyes and more wonderful gifts and off we go the the airport. For most of us the destination is New York for a few others it is Boston,Philadelphia and far off Seattle. We have 22 hours ahead of us. The route takes us from Antananarivo to Johannesburg and then home.

On the plane I think all of us are trying to put it in prospective. We helped found a new Jewish community and started them on their journey through history. Where will that journey take them.? Who can tell? Will one of the children we converted become a great scholar or spiritual leader who will bring needed light to the Jewish people? Will more and more people in Madagascar become Jewish so that it becomes one of the world’s important Jewish communities? Will Judaism grow in Africa so that these now small and struggling communities come to make up majority of the Jewish people? Will Madagascar become our place of refuge from some persecution yet to be?

Well the work goes on and Rabbi Delouya and his sister are talking about spending a month there over the Summer and all of us are at least thinking of coming back. -Rabbi Gerald Sussman

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