Kulanu In The New York Times

Kulanu in the New York Times

Our 5778 is starting in style at Kulanu – we’ve been featured in an article in the New York Times! Merissa Nathan Gerson’s full-pate article in the Fashion and Style section focuses on the Namutumba Abayudaya in Uganda.

It offers a story of a mass Jewish wedding, the process of rabbinical ordination training in sub-Saharan Africa, and how the Abayudaya celebrate in style by honoring local and Jewish traditions.
Picture: from the NYT article. “From left, Naomi Namusoosa, Rachael Naigaga, and Naume Lunyato were three of the five Jewish brides who married Aug. 8 in the Namutumba District of Uganda.”Our congratulations to the brides and grooms and the whole Namutumba community, to our partner Rabbi Leila Gal Berner and her Ezra Uganda Assistance project for supporting this, to Rabbis Gershom Sizomu and Yafa Chase for their rabbinic leadership, and to journalist Merissa Nathan Gerson for her brilliant reporting!
If you want to donate directly to the Namutumba community, please click here! You can also follow the community on Facebook to keep up to date with their goings-on.

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