Kulanu in Brazil: Remember Kulanu in Your Year-End Giving!

Kulanu raises awareness and support for isolated, emerging, and returning Jewish communities around the globe. Please help us to continue to respond to people in every corner of the world who reach out to us, many long disconnected from worldwide Judaism. These connections help “all of us” enrich our Jewish lives. As you give your last tax deductible gifts of 2015, we ask that you consider a contribution to Kulanu!


Photo Courtesy of Daneel Schaechter

A very special weekend with Cantor Sami Cytman of Sao Paulo and Daneel Schaechter of the Kulanu Board, visiting with communities from Gaonia and Brasilia. In Brazil, Kulanu aims to break down the misconceptions about these communities and help integrate them into Brazil’s Jewish community.

Fim de semana mais do que especial com as comunidades de Goiania e Brasilia! Pra essa turma iluminada amar ao proximo é coisa seria, o centro de um judaismo espontaneo e prospero. Um dia quebraremos as barreiras do preconceito e da ignorância e reunificaremos o povo para combater toda a intolerância e odio no mundo. Chazak Ubaruch, forte e abençoado sempre!!!

Your support allows us to do this work and more!

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