Harriet is being honored and I’m proud.

Dear Friends,

For the past several years my wife Harriet has been president of Kulanu, a non-profit that reaches out to far-flung, emerging Jewish communities around the globe.  I couldn’t be prouder that the Board of Kulanu has decided to honor her on her 70th birthday year with an online tribute journal.

It always amazes me that while Harriet has managed to be a vital, loving part of our synagogue community, and a totally wonderful wife and mother, she has also found time to be the dynamic leader of a charity that reaches out all over the world.  Just to name a few, the Jews of Ghana, Uganda, Cameroon, and Zimbabwe in Africa, the B’nai Ephraim in India, the Jews of Armenia, El Salvador in Central America and the Jewish community in Kaifeng have all been beneficiaries of Kulanu’s and Harriet’s efforts.

I think Kulanu Board member Rabbi Bonita Sussman put it very well when she recently wrote that Harriet “has brought individuals and communities from the most unlikely places closer to Judaism and the Jewish people.   Her work in a very real sense is the fulfillment of those prophetic visions which speak of the ingathering of the Jewish people from literally the ends of the earth.”

So, stressful as it is for me to ask anyone for money, I know that many of you will welcome the opportunity to honor Harriet and help further Harriet’s and Kulanu’s good work.

To place an ad in the journal, go to kulanu.org/tribute.  If you’d like to join a group of Kulanu supporters, donate any amount and write “Kulanu Supporter” in the comments.



Kenneth Klein

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  1. Thanks, Ken!

    Note that the deadline for donations and messages to the Tribute Journal has been extended to this Friday, June 7. There’s still time to donate.

    Thanks to the many of you who have already sent in generous donations and heartwarming messages!


  2. Congratulations Harriet.
    Yishar Koach.
    Robin and Victor

  3. Congratulations Harriet!

    ישר כוח
    Robin and Victor

  4. “I have got the chance to now and to meet with this fantastic Jewish women and I was able to see how her dedication to the Jewish people is so incredible! It is hard to know when she gets some rest. As soon as you send her an email, you receive her reply. She takes away so much of her personal time and business time for others! With her tireless work and great leadership at Kulanu, she has helped change the life of so many ordinary people in isolated groups, offering them so much love, care, opportunity and also responsibility! My community in Cameroon (Beth Yeshourun) was able to start a communal cocoa farm project that is in good trail. I was able to come to the US and was given the opportunity to speak in so many places! It is always great to get to know her. I believe she is one of the greatest Jewish women in her generation. May G-D bless you and yours always, Ima Harriet!”

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