Anousim Developments

Rabbi Stephen Leon of El Paso, TX, is introducing a resolution at the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism convention next December to honor the victims of the Spanish Inquisition on Tisha B’Av. Read more on the Kulanu Blog.

Our volunteer multi-media manager, Dan Knapp, attended Rabbi Leon’s recent Anousim Conference in El Paso and took a series of short videos. We especially love the one about Sonya Loya and her beautiful glass artwork! She also discusses her Hebrew Learning Center in Ruidoso, NM. Dan has created a Kulanu playlist on his YouTube channel, WorldTurtleMedia, where you can view all of these great videos.

Photo by Dan Kapp

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  1. Hello:

    We now subscribe to Kulanu’s mailings and want other Kulanu readers to know that a small (and excellent!) museum on Portugal’s Jewish community opened on 11 April 2009 in a former synagogue in the Judairia section of Castelo de Vide. Although the exhibits were all presented in Portuguese (we only speak a bare minimum of travel phrases), two were still especially powerful: a room whose walls were covered with the names of “marranos” who were forcibly taken to Evora and burned at the stake in 1666-1668; and another room with colorful door panels that could be opened — inside could be found the names of former Portuguese Jewish residents and the stories of their migration or forced transit. Although the museum doesn’t have a Web site and we weren’t allowed to take photos there, we were lucky to find it when an English-speaking volunteer and author, Ana Bela Santos, happened to be there. Though she was born Jewish and is now a practicing Catholic, she has an obvious love and appreciation for the history of the community. Please let us know if you visit the museum or find out more about it.

    David and Sandi Gordon

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