Announcing the 2015 Kulanu-Lemba Speaking Tour!

March 30, 2015

Modreck Maeresera of Zimbabwe, leader of the Lemba community’s “re-emergence” into, and re-connection with, the larger Jewish world.

Kulanu is pleased to announce the dates for this year’s Kulanu-Lemba Speaking Tour! Modreck Maeresera, leader of the Lemba Jewish community in Zimbabwe, will be visiting the United States and Canada from October 15 through November 23, 2015.

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Audiences will learn about the fascinating history of the Lemba community and their current re-connection with worldwide Judaism. You may remember the news that DNA research showed the “Cohen” priestly gene among the Lemba, substantiating their oral history that they are descended from ancient Israel. After generations of practicing Judaism in secrecy, the Lemba are now reconnecting with the Jewish world.

Modreck Maeresera has taken a leadership role in this “Jewish renaissance” of his ancient community. He will provide an insider’s view of the history and practice of the Lemba Jews — their story of perseverance and commitment to Judaism over hundreds of years, as well as recent developments in the community.

This is an opportunity to make a special multilayered contribution — educate your community about the Lemba Jews of Zimbabwe, help the Lemba grow their relationships with the wider world, and provide support for the Jewish education programs and synagogue development projects in the Lemba community.

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