Announcing the 2016 Kulanu-Madagascar Speaking Tour!

Dear friends, Kulanu is excited to announce our 2016 Kulanu-Madagascar speaking tour. Yes, Madagascar! We met our speaker, Elysha Netsarh, during our journey to that far-away island country off the east coast of Africa. We were immediately struck by Elysha’s outgoing personality, her intellect, and her command of English, as she interpreted for us from […]

Madagascar Update: Homeward bound

Today we leave and head home back to our lives. There are more tearful goodbyes and more wonderful gifts and off we go the the airport. For most of us the destination is New York for a few others it is Boston,Philadelphia and far off Seattle. We have 22 hours ahead of us. The route […]

Madagascar Update: A Relaxing Day

So far the trip has been constant hard work. The Beit Din has been putting in 12 hour days. Some of us have come more than half way around the world to go no further than the front door of our hotel.  We looked forward to Monday which was to be a day of touring.  Some of us went […]

Madagascar: Serious Business

Tuesday, May 17th was the day of the long awaited symposium. One of the purposes of the symposium was to provide a platform for an idea which is commonplace in Madagascar, but virtually unknown anywhere elsewhere (i.e. the Israelite ancestry of the Malagasy people). The panelists were a distinguished group which included Pastor Tolatra Ratery, […]

Madagascar Update: 12 Jewish Weddings!

It would hardly go into the Guinness Book of Records but it went into our personal book of records. Sunday the rabbis participated in twelve weddings. The married couples who converted now wanted chuppahs and kiddushin Jewish weddings to reconsecrate their relationships How does one conduct 12 weddings at the same time while keeping each one personal and […]

Madagascar Update: A Perfect Day

Today was a perfect day. It was the day of the long awaited trip to the Mikvah, completing the conversions that had been the object of such arduous rabbinic labor. The community leaders had after much toil found the perfect spot. So we got up early and made our way to the local bus station. It was a chaos […]

A Wild and Crazy Day

Today was the day when conversion to Judaism went viral. There were supposed to have been 40 odd converts. Some of the groups had decided not to participate in part because of bad feelings between them. Somehow however when we got there the miracle of healing occurred and the leaders who had been at odds […]

Madagascar Update: Now The Job Begins

Our trip is far from the typical tourist jaunt to Madagascar to see the Lemurs and other exotic natural phenomena. We are here to see meet greet and encourage the fledgling Jewish community by our presence. Most importantly our task is to create a new community  that is part of world Jewry in this unlikely place. This […]

Madagascar Update from Day 1

Hi!   I am writing from somewhere over Africa on the way to Johannesburg where we will catch the plane to Madagascar, It was an interesting morning. Boni and I got up at 5 to do the last minute packing and rearranging.   Our friend Terry Troia slept over to be sure to get us […]

Madagascar Update: We’ve Arrived!

The flight was a long one full of anticipation and uncertainty,   What would we find there?  How would we be received? Would our group develop into a collection of friends and colleagues when so many of us came from different background and experiences?. Landing at Johannesburg we were ferried on to a much smaller plane to […]