Kulanu-Lemba 2015 Tour Dates Announced!

April 30, 2015 Kulanu is delighted to announce that Modreck Maererera of Harare, Zimbabwe, will be returning to North America this fall for the 2015 Kulanu-Lemba Speaking Tour! This year we will be booking events in the United States and Canada from October 15 to November 23, 2015. Click here for information about the tour […]

New Issue of “KulanuNews” is Online and in the Mail!

April 27, 2015 The new issue of Kulanu’s magazine is now available online as a full-color PDF — click here or go to www.kulanu.org/magazines to check it out! This is the last issue of KulanuNews to be edited by Judy Manelis of Massachusetts. All of us at Kulanu are grateful for Judy’s incredible work as magazine […]

The New Faces of Kulanu

April 26, 2015 In the last several weeks, the Kulanu volunteer community has changed shape: we’ve had to say goodbye to some board members, and we’ve also been able to say hello to new volunteers, some filling new roles that have been created in response to Kulanu’s recent growth and expansion. Goodbye and good luck […]

Join “all of us” in honoring Daneel Schaechter!

April 14, 2015 Dear Friends, Kulanu is proud to announce our honoree for the 2015 Annual Tribute Journal, Daneel Schaechter: a remarkable young man, Kulanu’s Latin America coordinator since 2011 and, thanks to his extraordinary accomplishments, the youngest member of our board of directors. A Kulanu volunteer since his senior year in high school, Daneel […]

TBT: Making Matza in India, 2007

April 9, 2015 In honor of “Throw-Back Thursday” and the Passover holiday, please enjoy these videos from a 2007 Kulanu volunteer-visit to the Bene Ephraim Jewish community in Andhra Pradesh, India. These videos show the Bene Ephraim community experiencing matza for the first time, and learning how to make it in a place where access […]