Please join Kulanu in honoring Aaron Kintu Moses and Naume Sabano of Uganda!

We invite you to join Kulanu in honoring Aaron Kintu Moses and Naume Sabano, an inspiring couple who have directed some of the most successful institutions of the Abayudaya Jewish community of Uganda. A brave leader who was instrumental in saving Judaism from Idi Amin’s repression of the 1970s, Aaron has been headmaster of the […]

Purim in El Salvador

Rabbi Aaron Rehberg is heading home after six weeks, including Purim, in El Salvador. While there, Rav Rehberg of Israel continued his Jewish education and other work with the Armenia community, and also reached out to two nearby communities. Thanks to the Good People Fund for their generous $3,000 contribution toward this work! Kulanu needs […]

Passover Seder with the Lemba in Zimbabwe

Sandy Leeder, Kulanu’s Lemba Coordinator, will be helping to run a Pesach Seder with the Lemba community in Mapakhomhere, Zimbabwe this Passover – “G-d willing” as Sandy said. Mapakhomhere is the same village where Kulanu is helping to build the Great Zimbabwe Synagogue, and Sandy, along with Kulanu President Emeritus Jack Zeller, has been working hard […]

Conclusion of First Kulanu-Cameroon Speaking Tour

As many of you are aware, Kulanu brought Serge Etele – a leader of the Beth Yeshourun community of Cameroon – to the United States for a six-week speaking tour to inform audiences about this emerging group of dedicated Jews in central Africa. This is a groundbreaking tour representing a new Jewish community, and Serge’s […]