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A non-profit, 501(c)3 organization based in New York City, Kulanu (Hebrew for "all of us") works around the world to support isolated and emerging Jewish communities who wish to learn more about Judaism and (re-)connect with the wider Jewish community.

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Explore our web site to learn more about Kulanu and the communities we work with in Africa, Asia, and the Americas. Find out how you can get involved, or make an impact now with a donation and join the global network of Kulanu supporters today!

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- "All of Us" at Kulanu

Kulanu Highlights

Get Involved NOW with the 2015 Kulanu-Lemba Speaking Tour!

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Modreck Maeresera of Zimbabwe,
prayer leader of the Harare Lemba Jewish community,
and Kulanu's 2015 speaker!

We are excited to announce the start of the Kulanu-Lemba Speaking Tour taking place this October and November! Please check the scheduled events here for one near you. We’d love to have you join us and help spread the word as Modreck Maeresera, leader of the Lemba Jewish community in Zimbabwe, tours the United States from October 15 through November 23, 2015.

Although the Lemba have been cut off from the mainstream Jewish community for centuries, they have maintained the traditions of kashrut, Jewish dietary laws; ritual slaughter and circumcision. They also observe the Jewish Sabbath. Mr. Maeresera comes from a committed family of Lemba Jews and is deeply engaged in strengthening the Jewish identity of his Lemba community and reeducating them in Torah studies and Jewish ritual observance.

In his presentation, Mr. Maeresera will be sharing the story of his ancient community, their customs and observances, and the problems they are facing in their struggle to maintain their Jewish identity in the modern world. He will also focus on the intense Jewish educational program underway with volunteer Jewish educators and rabbis from around the world and the construction of the Great Zimbabwe Synagogue in Mapakomhere, a village in the Lemba heartland.

List of Kulanu-Lemba Speaking Tour Events

Events take place Saturday, October 17 through Friday, November 20, 2015 in the United States. For more information about each event, please refer to the online calendar:http://www.kulanu.org/lemba/2015tourcalendar.php [ more]

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Kulanu forms Academic Cohort

This spring, the Kulanu Academic Cohort (KAC) was established to help strengthen the ties between the academic study of Judaising communities and the work that Kulanu does to support Jewish communities around the world.

The KAC is comprised of academics who have researched and written about returning, emerging and isolated Jewish communities around the globe. Some of the communities studied are "Kulanu communities" (see kulanu.org/communities), and Kulanu has helped many scholars to access resources and contact community members for their research. Some of their articles have been published in our magazine, KulanuNews (kulanu.org/magazines), and on our website (www.kulanu.org).

Meet the members of the Kulanu Academic Cohort at www.kulanu.org/kac.

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We’re Excited to Share the Daneel Schaechter Tribute Journal!

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Daneel Schaechter of New York, NY -
Kulanu's youngest board member,
our Regional Coordinator for Latin America,
and a 2015 Fulbright scholar currently living and working in Brazil.

We’re proud to share our 2015 Kulanu Tribute Journal in honor of Daneel Schaechter, a rising star in the Jewish world!

Please click here to see the beautiful tribute journal!

Daneel Schaechter of New York, NY, is Kulanu’s youngest board member and our Regional Coordinator for Latin America. His many accomplishments in the Jewish, Anousim/Crypto-Jewish and Latin American worlds are impressive, and we are proud to be honoring him this year (www.kulanu.org/tribute). Click here to read more about Daneel’s work with Kulanu, and click here to see his impressive resume on LinkedIn.

You can still show your support for Daneel’s work with Anousim communities with a contribution to this year’s Tribute Journal at www.kulanu.org/donate (be sure to include “Daneel Tribute” followed by a short message).

Thanks so much for getting involved!

*Note: Submissions received now will still be included in an Addendum to the 2015 Tribute Journal.

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Latest Issue of KulanuNews Now Available Online

The Spring 2015 issue of KulanuNews, Kulanu's informative publication about Jewish communities around the world, is now available to read on our web site! The latest edition features moving articles by Kulanu volunteers and community members, as well as wonderful color photos to help tell their stories. Click here to check it out in full-color!

Here's a glimpse of what you will find in this issue:

image: Latest Issue of KulanuNews
  • How I Became a Cochini Jew, p 1
  • Beit Polska – A National Jewish Outreach Across Poland, p 6
  • 14 Conversions and a Wedding, p 11
  • A Wedding and Conversions, p 15
  • Anousim Communities in Colombia, p 16
  • The Lemba-Kulanu Connection, p 19
  • The Great Zimbabwe Synagogue, p 21
  • Confessions of a True Believer, p 22
  • Are There Lost Tribes in Cameroon? p 23
  • A Tribute to Daneel Schaechter, p 27
  • Thank You Donors, p 28
  • President’s Letter, p 30

Click here to read the magazine as a full-color PDF.

We think you'll enjoy this new issue of the Kulanu magazine! (Missed the last one? Read it now at www.kulanu.org/magazines).

KulanuNews is published two times a year, and unless otherwise requested, Kulanu mails hard copies of each issue to our supporters for a year.

This is one of the ways we keep you in the loop about how your contributions are put to work, and also to inform readers about isolated, emerging, and returning Jewish communities around the world -- remarkable groups you might not learn about anywhere else.

If you would like to receive your own copy of future issues, please make a donation now at www.kulanu.org/donate. We look forward to hearing what you think of KulanuNews!

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